Looking for some historical context for your family history?   My research is tailored to your individual requirements. I will work with you to establish what you already know, identify clear research objectives and develop a research plan to meet those objectives.  I specialize in North Central California research with an emphasis in San Joaquin County, but am willing to go anywhere your project takes me.


Records and documents from local repositories and those in Northern California.  Same day service is available.


For those who enjoy doing the research themselves, but are becoming overwhelmed with information and records they have amassed.  Together we will develope an organizational system designed to meet the needs of your family project.  Once the system is decided on, I will get you back to researching with a fresh clean start by entering all data into a genealogical software program, with source citations, creating to-do lists and research plans.


Though each society differs in the process, all of them are equal when it comes to proving your lineage.  Each and every name, date and place that is entered on an application is a statement of fact and as such, must be backed up with documentation for each fact.  For most, that means the first 3-4 generations will need birth, marriage and death certificates. Later generations are a bit more difficult to document, but not impossible.  I can either act as a consultant - review your progress and develope a research plan for you to complete your application - or I can do it for you.