North Central California 
Historical and Genealogical Research

Research in North Central California, with an emphasis in San Joaquin and surrounding counties.  Although I live in Stockton,  I regularly conduct research at all North Central California County Recorder Offices and Courthouses.  County Recorder Offices are where vital records and deeds are housed. Probate records and in some cases, divorce records are found in most courthouses.  Other repositories that I frequent but are not limted to conduct research are:

In San Joaquin County:

Stockton Public Library 

JC Leyendecker Library & Archives at the Haggin Museum

Gerald Kennedy Reference Library & Archives at the San Joaquin Historical Society

Holt-Atherton Library & Special Collections at University of the Pacific

The California State Archives and the California State Library both located in Sacramento


National Archives - Pacific Region in San Bruno

Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley near Oakland

In San Francisco: 

Sutro Library 

North Baker Research Library at the California Historical Society

I have recently done extensive research in 19th century San Francisco records that are specific to Bavarian Jews who came to San Francisco in the 1850's  down through to the descendants who live in the city to this day.


Has your genealogy research become an unmanageable pile of notes, photos, and documents?  I can help you organize them into a coherent project using a genealogical database. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, you will be able to set new goals for your research and continue to climb your family tree! Consultation regarding an organizational system designed to fit the individual needs of your family project

Data entry into a genealogical software program, with source citations, Project management, to-do lists, research plans.

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Broad requests such as "find everything you can" or "trace the line as far back as possible"  typically begin with background research followed by more specific research where needed.  Broader research requests  require more research time due to the time needed to complete general background research before determining the direction of the research.  If you are able to limit your request to something specific, like exploring a certain time period, reviewing a specific set of records for a specific person, reviewing land records for a specific property, or photographing a specific burial monument, etc., your costs will also be more limited.